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Hier findet ihr Allerlei rund ums Thema Hauptveranstaltungen im Trentino Dolomiten.  Konzerte, Wander,  Genussmomente und Abenteuer Dolomiten.

10 Benefit of forest bathing!



10 Forest Bathing Benefits

Trentino forest bathing doesn’t just make you feel good--research shows that it has numerous measurable benefits for your body . Studies have looked at the effects of tree bathing and have found it might:

1--Strengthens the Immune System
Japanese studies on males and females from four large companies in Tokyo, Japan, showed a marked increase in NK (Natural Killer) Cells due to forest bathing.
Also, they showed that the benefits of shinrin yoku lasted about 30 days, so a monthly forest bath could be extremely beneficial for boosting immunity.

2--Supports Healthy Blood Pressure Levels
In a meta study in Japan of 732 participants, forest bathing was shown to reduce blood pressure levels, especially for middle and older-aged participants.

3--Reduces Stress Levels
In the same meta study mentioned above, when 732 participants in Japan participated in forest bathing, it was found that natural environments promote lower amounts of cortisol, reduced pulse rate, lower blood pressure, greater parasympathetic nerve activity, and lower sympathetic nerve activity. As a result, it seems that research will be dedicated to "forest medicine" that might be used as a preventive medical strategy.

4--Improves Mood and Alleviates Anxiety
In a study of 128 men in Taiwan, changes in autonomic nervous system and emotions were measured after a short forest bathing program.

Many benefits were seen, including reduced scores for "tension-anxiety", "anger-hostility", "fatigue-inertia", "depression-dejection", and "confusion-bewilderment." Meanwhile, increased scores were seen for the positive mood subscale of "vigor-activity," and participants demonstrated significantly lower anxiety levels per the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory.

5--Enhances Brain Function and Increases Creativity
Dr. David Strayer found that immersion in nature (and disconnect from technology), led to a pretty remarkable increase of creativity and problem solving by an amazing 50%.

6--Increase NK (killer) cells
This sounds pretty unbelievable but, a Japanese study demonstrated that after a three-day camping trip in the forest, participants averaged a 50 percent increase in NK cell activity. Forest bathing has been scientifically shown to increase immunity, decrease the risk of cancer.

7--Reduce the risk of chronic illness
In a meta analysis of forest bathing studies, a reduced risk of a number of chronic illnesses as the result of forest bathing was noted. Reductions in the prevalence of both diabetes and cardiovascular disease were noted.

8--Cardiovascular and Metabolic Improvements
In a study of 19 men in Japan, forest bathing program significantly reduced pulse rate and also significantly increased vigor while decreasing depression, fatigue, anxiety, and confusion, plus increased concentration of serum adiponectin, which has been connected to healthier metabolic rates. As such, shinrin yoku could have a positive effect on the obesity epidemic.

9--Faster Recovery from Illness
One well known study by Dr. Roger Ulrich, an architect specializing in healthcare building design, showed that even looking at trees through a hospital window increased recovery time for gallbladder surgery patients. (source)

10--Reduction in Asthma and Eczema
It's possible that being in nature could improve your allergies, asthma, and your skin! In a study of 48 school children, improvements were seen in asthma, and eczema including decreased fractional exhaled nitric oxide

Why Do Forest Baths Work?
Forest Baths don't necessarily work just because nature is beautiful and peaceful. There really might be more to it than that!


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