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How to get here in Trentino

You can choose between arriving by car, train or airplane according to your needs and the distance you have to cover.

The region is easy to reach thanks to its central position between the Southern Alps and Venice in the north of Italy.

For cars, motorbikes and camper-caravans, the main road access to the region is the A22 Brennero – Modena motorway, which is part of the E45 European road that runs through Denmark, Germany, Austria and Italy.
National roads branch off from the A22 leading to every valley. The road network in Trentino generally consists of easy wide roads and the winter road conditions are constantly checked and maintained.

All long-distance Italian and European trains stop in the two main train-stations of Trento and Rovereto.

If you are travelling by airplane and want to reach Trentino with a one to two hour trip choosing either a car-rental service, shuttle busses or trains, you can land at Verona, Bergamo, Milan, Venice, Bologna Italian airports or Innsbruck and Monaco ones.

Travelling within the Province is convenient thanks to the local bus and train network

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