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Hiking tips

Mountains: instructions for use
Always consult walking maps and specialized literature: they inform on how long and how difficult each hike, walk or climb is.   
Walking in safety and in respect of nature. Some tips on what to do and what not to do for a safe holiday in the Dolomites.
It is important to know,  understand and observe the laws that safeguard the mountain territory .

Mountains: instructions for use

Here below are some tips for those intending to go into the mountains:

  • Make sure that the paths are accessible in all seasons.
  • Adequate walking equipment and clothing are a necessity. o   Always take water and snacks with you. These should be compatible with the duration of the walk. o   Before choosing a hike, verify your physical ability and experience and maintain a good safety margin.
  • Good weather conditions are a prerequisite for hiking. For this reason, always check the local weather forecast or ask the experts ( refuge keepers and alpine guides) before setting out. Remember that the weather can change quickly in the mountains.
  • Try and foresee unscheduled events and equip yourself  for them and plan alternative ways..
  • Get information on refuges, lifts and high altitude camps (opening and closing times).
  • Leave a description of your route with a friend or with someone at your accommodation to help emergency rescue services to locate you, should the need arise.
  • Always ask the assistance of an alpine guide for difficult routes.
  • Ask for brochures, maps and specialized literature on the flora and fauna of the mountain territory you intend to visit at the pro loco or local tourist agency (A.P.T.).
  • Keep to the mountain paths to avoid ruining the grass and flowers.
  • Please signal any situations of danger due to lack of path maintenance.
  • Never leave traces of your presence: all waste should be brought back down with you and disposed of in the appropriate places.
  • If you should find dangerous materials or polluting substances, please take note and inform the forest rangers.
  • All complaints regarding inefficiency, inappropriate information or signposts, should be made to the offices in charge.
  • Always respect all the plant and animal life ( even if they are poisonous or aggressive).
  • If you have any suggestions or thoughts on your excursion, please let us know. Feed back is very important to understand how and what needs improving.
  • Avoid,  where possible,  the use of motor vehicles,  or use a collective means of  transport    ( public or private),  remembering to check timetables.
  • Do not use bicycles on walking paths.
  • Avoid the use of radios and similar equipment that can disturb the peace and quiet. Use head phones  if necessary.
  • Do not eat berries or mushrooms that you are not familiar with.
  • Be careful not to cause landslides, fires , avalanches or falling rocks.

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