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Dolomiti Walking Hotels

Holidays for hikers in the Dolomites of Trentino!

Hiking and trekking
with experienced mountain guides from the hotel!

If hiking and mountain hiking in the Dolomites are your passion, you should spend a summer or winter holiday in the Dolomites! We hoteliers, experts of the area, personally accompany you to discover our beautiful natural landscapes at a slow pace. If you take the curiosity to try new ways to capture every picture of nature ...
Then just choose your favorite hotel!

Rental equipment, free advice and experienced guides.



Dolomiti Walking Hotel Club obtains the sponsorship of the Unesco-Dolomites Foundation.
A prestigious recognition, which rewards highly worthy activities and projects in the field of tourism.

The holiday can begin!

What would you like to do today?
Discover with the Dolomiti Walking Hotels, the natural landscape of Trentino.
Every day is never the same.
Come and find out what is better for you!

This is what awaits you for an unforgettable stay in Trentino
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