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What to do if it's raining

In the mountains, the weather is always variable, but do not allow yourself to be caught by a few clouds ... After an hour, the weather can change quickly to enjoy the beautiful sun again. Also walks on cloudy or rainy days can be fun and offer new experiences. The nature of the Dolomites is always fantastic!

But if the weather is really bad? What can you really do?
We will give you a little advice to spend a nice day

When it rains:

  • Enjoy a little healthy relaxation in the Wellness Center of your Dolomiti Walking Hotel - if available
  • Give yourself some time to relax while taking care of your body thanks to a massage or treatment
  • Get to know our mountain library
  • Visit our villages in the valleys and buy typical products ...
  • Taste local products and visit our “alpine hütten” and enjoy a mountain snack
  • We offer you the opportunity to discover the beautiful castles and museums in Trentino at discounted prices.

Discover the castles and museums of Trentino. All this is waiting for you .. (Open PDF)

The most popular leisure activities among our guests.

  • When it rains, it is fantastic ... You can even find mushrooms ...
  • Enjoy delicious food! There are excellent bakeries and fantastic mountain huts. What more do you want in life? All this is surrounded by an unique panorama!
  • Take the opportunity to enjoy a tasting of local grappa or visit Ferrari's cellar
  • Enjoy the pool by snow

If that's not enough ... Just go outside and start dancing "the anti - rain dance"!

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