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Trekking Holidays in the Dolomites

Walking is good for your health!
Walking slowly, calmly, breathing in the crisp mountain air, basking in the landscape, captivated by the true "Mountain Spirit" is good for your soul as well!

Dolomiti Walking Hotel is a network of 17 hotel-managers from the most beautiful valleys of Trentino in the Dolomites.

They are all enthusiastic hikers and know the most spectacular and least trodden trails like the back of their hands.

During your mountain holiday, you will be able to trust the expert assistance provided by the Dolomiti Walking Hotels and enjoy the captivating alpine landscapes in a completely relaxed and safe atmosphere without anything to worry about.
"Slow Walking" is the essence of the Dolomiti Walking Hotels, along with wholesome food, which favours local produce, and the true friendship you will surely develop with the people who wish to share their love of the mountains with you.
Tips for your holiday in the mountains. Will give you some ideas and tips for your holiday in Trentino!

Walk in the Nature: Walking the Nature means no more than 3 hours of light trekking.
On Dolomites paths : Dolomites paths are 4-5 hours of middle-difficult trekkings.

Trekking in the Dolomites : Challenging hikes duration of 6 - 7 hours




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